Plans for a School Safety Summit were initially announced and shared with school families and district staff in an October 22, 2018 e-mail letter from Superintendent Dr. Cook. The letter also provided an overview of safety and security measures that have been completed or are in progress. A review of the safety and security measures can be found below.

The district School Safety Summit has been planned in partnership with representatives from the Rock Hill Police Department and the York County Sheriff’s Office. The format of the event will focus on solutions-oriented dialogue with those who are able to attend the first summit on November 27 from 6-7:30 p.m. at Sullivan Middle School.

The summit will be divided into three 30-minute segments:

  1. Overview of physical security measures currently in place, a review of mental health services, and a review of school climate survey data specific to student safety.
  2. Focus groups facilitated by School Resource Officers and district staff to identify areas we are doing well and areas in which we need to improve.
  3. Reporting and sharing from each group and discussion of next steps.

We recognize this discussion is not one that is ever complete, and are planning for a follow up summit tentatively scheduled for January 29, 2019.

Safety and Security Measures
Completed or In-Progress

  • Developed situation-specific emergency response procedures,
  • Increased trainings and drills for students and staff, including a district-wide reunification drill,
  • Improved access control to our buildings and campuses,
  • Implemented visitor screenings and background checks for volunteers,
  • Updated video surveillance and alarm systems, and radio systems, and
  • Strengthened cooperative relationships with local law enforcement.

Additionally, we have began random on-campus weapons screenings as a means to help deter or prevent weapons from being brought on to school grounds. This action is supported and allowed through school district policy and state law.